Up to 8 Online Courses to choose from

We are offering eight 2 week long online courses. They are targeted towards young people (14-25 yo) and gives you the opportunity to learn about engineering and digital technologies.

You can get a grant of
up to 300 EURO

If you are a Bulgarian, Latvian, French or Romanian citizen and have between 14 and 30 yo, you are eligible for a grant for up to 300 EUR if you finish some of our courses.

Learn from
Skilled Professionals

The courses are organized by Burgas Free University, Small Academy, Digijeunes and Rezekne Academy of Technologies. The initiative is co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union.


Grants for Bulgarian, French and Latvian students

Learn how to code and adopt a computational way of thinking. This course provides an introduction to programming through exploring visual design and block coding software. By the end of the course, you will be able to build advanced mobile applications. No prior skills needed.


Grants for Bulgarian, French and Latvian students

The next version of yourself starts with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). From 3D shaping and basic scripts to Snapchat-like filters and treasure hunting in virtual museums, this intensive course helps you master these techniques. No prior skills needed.

Electronic Textiles and Wearables

Grants for Bulgarian, Latvian and Romanian students

This course focuses on techniques and methods revolving around technology, textiles, arts and crafts. You learn how to use basic electronics and gain programming skills to help you create new and interactive wearable items.

DIY Music

Grants for Bulgarian, Latvian and Romanian students

Create your own music through digital and numerical methods. This course focuses on how sound can be created using different digital techniques. It involves learning about programming, electronics and using software to make sound and acoustic effects.

Digital Fabrication

Grants for Bulgarian, French and Romanian students

This is about creating things with the help of computer numeric controlled machines, i.e. machines that are controlled via a computer. Users generally design the object they would like to produce via a CAD software and later send the instructions to the machine that produces that item.


Grants for Bulgarian, French and Romanian students

Learn the skills to be able to create and build robots! This course introduces you to programming, sensors and drive systems to be able to build robots that can complete the challenges assigned.

Connected Objects

Grants for French, Latvian and Romanian students

This course focuses on projects related to the Internet of Things and connected objects. Connected objects are any item embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable them to collect and exchange data. This course is an opportunity to learn about basic electronics and coding and implement them in different scenarios.

Device Hacking

Grants for French, Latvian and Romanian students

During this course you discover the world of hacking and reverse engineering. How can devices and toys be made safer so that they are less likely to be hacked? Through this course the participants learn about the design of IoT items, including toys, to make them less hackable!

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